Monday, September 19, 2011

First Day

Our "alarm" went off about 5:30 this morning when Berenice, one of the young girls who works in the kitchen preparing our meals, turned on her boom box with some raucus Latino Jesus rock.
The men's rooms are next to the kitchen, so we enjoyed the music with her.

Mark Holland preached and he and Christine Edwards led music for several hundred kids.
Afterward, we got to size up our major project of laying new pipe for outfall lines. Some of the trench has been dug, but much of it will have to be re-dug and straightened. We have some hard days of work ahead.
We also got the afternoon to hang out with kids, practice our poor Spanish and listen to their equally poor English. It was a good day of orientation and getting to know the kids we are working for first-hand. Those of us who sponsor children here also got a chance to spend time with them and take them to the store.

Linda and I (Chris Quinn) walked Diana, the sister of two boys that Linda and I sponsor, and the rest of her siblings to a store for sodas, chips and candy. Precious little Diana, 7 years old but the size of a four-year-old because she was so malnourished in her early years, got a sugar buzz on that sent her skittering and ricocheting around like a teensy, hyperactive mosquito. Lesson learned.
Your team from Hillside is settling in and pulling together, lending their hearts, voices, minds and bodies to serving others here.
Pray for us, looking at the length of ditch to be dug, we need it.

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  1. We will pray for you guys. I asked my small group to pray for you daily after we finish our daily study.You are a blessing to the children. And what most people probably don't realize is it's a real blessing to be in Emmanuel. Praying for a week of blessing and strength for working.